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We offer more natural health options for raising happy vibrant children.

Yoga For Kids

It is never too early for children to start a healthy yoga practice, and we are proud to be able to facilitate kids yoga in our beautiful facilities. We offer our Yoga For Kids program in a fun environment, with children ages ranging from 5 – 14 years old. Yoga has many benefits: Enhances physical flexibility Refines balance and coordination Develops focus and concentration Expands imagination and creativity Boosts self-steem and confidence Encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle And much more!

Peaceful Mind Kids - Winning the game of life

Peaceful Mind Kids is a learning community of parents(guardians) and their children coming together to learn peaceful living practices and exercise social responsibility.

The Winning the Game of Life curriculum is an award winning social emotional education program that improves children's outlook in as little as 3 weeks. Throughout this course your child will learn practical social-emotional tools that will strengthen their confidence in themselves and ignite compassion for others. This teaches children more than just how to improve their behavior – it teaches them to take a global perspective. It helps them see the ripple effect their individual choices have, not just on those around them, but on the world, inspiring a change in behavior from within.

We help children – and their parents – connect with the deeper truth of who they are, why they are unique, and why it is important to share their gifts with the world.​

Children who take this course:

  • Have a stronger ability to manage tough emotions.
  • Experience lower frustration levels and fewer clashes.
  • Express improved confidence, tenacity, and grit.
  • Have deeper connections with parents, siblings, and community

Empowered Parenthood Journey with Dr. Divina Lopez

Empowering mothers in the areas of self care, parenting, and building a community where they can get support in their journey both as a woman and as a parent. Please contact us for more information.