About Our Practice

As a mother, you want your babies and children to have a great start in life. You want them to have the kind of healthcare that will help them avoid illness and disease. That’s why so many moms from NY, NJ, & PA bring their children to Children of Joy Pediatrics in Hackensack, NJ. Our medical director, Rosa Josefina Miranda, MD, has helped children of all ages around the world. So she is open to using many times of treatments-whatever it takes to help a child get well and live a healthy, happy life. Dr. Miranda believes in treating the child as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. Inspired and motivated by her unconditional love for children, she teaches kids, moms and families what it takes to be healthy. And as a certified health instructor trained at the Deepak Chopra University, she offers the only children’s preventive care and wellness program of its kind in the area.

Our programs