Good Pediatrician Near Me

Good Pediatrician Near Me Is there a good pediatrician near me? We get that question a lot at Children of Joy Pediatrics. It is our pleasure to direct callers to our patient reviews to give them a sense of how we are meeting the needs of families throughout our community. If you're seeking a qualified pediatrician close to home, we invite you to schedule an appointment today.

Sedation Dentistry South Calgary
Dimension Dentistry
(403) 201-3248
Sedation dentistry is administered by some clinics in South Calgary, including Dimension Dentistry, for patients with high anxiety about dental procedures, as well as those with very sensitive teeth or those with extensive dental problems. If you want to know if sedation dentistry is right for you, call us at (403) 201-3248.

24 Hour Urgent Care Frederick MD
TruCare Urgent Care Frederick is an urgent care provider in Frederick, MD. We offer a full range of services and treatments for minor illnesses and injuries at any time of day or night. Our experienced staff can help you feel better quickly, without the wait times and inconvenience associated with hospital emergency rooms. With our convenient location in Frederick, you can be sure that TruCare Urgent Care Frederick has the medical care you need when you need it most.

Therapists In Oklahoma
Total Life's online therapy platform is the perfect way for seniors in Oklahoma to access professional mental health support. Our experienced team of compassionate therapists are knowledgeable about the unique needs and concerns of the elderly population, providing tailored care that can meet individuals where they are. Total Life Inc.

Outpatient drug rehab
Not every outpatient drug rehab has a program that can meet the needs of everyone. Solace Behavioral Health understands your needs- when you reach out to our facility, we can provide answers to all of your questions, help verify your insurance plan, and create a custom treatment program just for you. Solace Behavioral Health, LLC

Long Term Care For Schizophrenia
Alta Loma Transformational Services
103 E 8th St
Georgetown TX 78626 US
(866) 457-3843
At Alta Loma, we understand the unique challenges that come with providing long-term care for schizophrenia. Our specialized treatment center offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to addressing the complex needs of individuals living with schizophrenia. We recognize the importance of ongoing support, medication management, and therapeutic interventions to effectively manage symptoms and improve overall quality of life. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing integrated care that goes beyond just managing the symptoms, but also aims to support individuals in achieving meaningful and sustainable recovery. Our continuum of care ensures that individuals with schizophrenia have access to the necessary resources and support as they progress through the different stages of their recovery journey. Through our evidence-based treatment modalities, life skills education, and community reintegration support, we strive to empower individuals with schizophrenia to live fulfilling and independent lives. At Alta Loma, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and support for long-term management of schizophrenia, and we are here to help individuals and their families navigate this journey towards a brighter future. Alta Loma Transformational Services

Kosher Recovery
Overcome Wellness & Recovery, LLC
At Overcome Wellness & Recovery, we understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and religious adherence, which is why we're proud to offer a Kosher Recovery Program tailored specifically for our clients of the Jewish faith. We honor the unique journey of each individual seeking recovery, and our Kosher Recovery pathway ensures that all aspects of treatment, from the nourishment we provide to the spiritual support we offer, align with the holistic well-being and religious practices of our clients. Our facilities are equipped to respect the dietary laws and traditions that are integral to the Jewish way of life, and our staff is trained to facilitate a healing environment that incorporates these principles. By interweaving our evidence-based addiction treatments with the specific cultural and religious needs of our clients, we're committed to fostering a supportive and authentic path to recovery that respects the identity and values of those we serve.

Php Thousand Oaks
Lotus Recovery Services
(818) 519-8334
At Lotus Recovery Services, we understand that overcoming addiction requires a multi-faceted approach, which is why our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Thousand Oaks stands out as a cornerstone of our treatment offerings. As you navigate the challenging path towards recovery, our PHP provides an immersive and structured environment that bridges the gap between inpatient care and outpatient services. With a team of dedicated professionals who bring their own recovery experiences to our practice, we offer a PHP that’s deeply attuned to your unique journey. Our personalized and intensive program is designed to provide you with the tools and support necessary to achieve lasting change, focusing on healing both the mind and body. By choosing our PHP in Thousand Oaks, you're not just enrolling in a program; you're joining a compassionate community committed to guiding you from darkness to light, every step of the way.

King Cut Barbershop
King Cut Barbershop
3210 Preston Avenue South 20
Saskatoon SK S7T 1C9 CA
(306) 986-6061
Why visit King Cut Barbershop for your next cut or shave? We employ hand-picked barbers who were chosen to work with us due to their experience and commitment to our high standards. If you need a traditional cut, a trendy new look, a hot towel shave, or beard care, we can exceed your expectations. Book a visit today or stop by.