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Children of Joy Pediatrics is a top-rated clinic with the best pediatrician In Hackensack, NJ. Our pediatrician specializes in offering physical, behavioral, and mental care for children. Whether your child needs physical examinations, immunizations, or diagnosis for illnesses, our team is ready to assist.

Things to consider when choosing a pediatrician

While most people choose a pediatrician for their child through word of mouth, what may work for one specific child might not work for your little one. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the best naturopathic pediatrician for your child:

  1. Convenient location

Consider a pediatrician's location and the proximity of their office from your home. You want to choose a doctor close to home or your workplace to prevent losing time with traveling.

  1. A pediatrician recommended by OB-GYN

Your OB-GYN is one of the most reliable sources to ask for recommendations from the best pediatricians in your town. You may also turn to your family doctor or physician for pediatrician recommendations.

  1. Doctor's credentials and experience

While all pediatricians graduate from medical school, not all of them have board certification. Board-certified pediatricians possess additional training in pediatrics, patient care, professionalism, communication skills, and prescribing medications. Make sure to look for a board-certified and experienced pediatrician capable of assessing the situation accurately.

Besides, try to observe how a pediatrician interacts with your child during the initial consultation and see if they display a genuine interest in caring for your baby. This can help you discerne between good and bad professionals.

When to take my child to a pediatrician?

While some health problems can wait, a few ailments need immediate pediatric consultation. Here are some of the pediatric emergencies that cannot wait:

  1. Your child experiences diarrhea for more than 12 hours.
  2. Repeated vomiting for more than 12 hours.
  3. Your child experiences vomiting, diarrhea, a fever, or a rash simultaneously.
  4. If your child's fever rises over 100.4 degrees F, book an appointment with a pediatrician immediately.
  5. Your little one suffers a burn large than a small coin, and the skin is blistering

Additional issues that call for a visit to the holistic pediatric care clinic include blood-streaked vomit or poo, a barking cough, high-pitched rasping sound while breathing, and discharge from ears, eyes, navel, or genitals.

What makes us the best pediatric clinic in NJ?

With two private offices in Hackensack, NJ, we are a renowned clinic for childhood wellness, newborn medical care, immunizations, routine preventative exams, and allergy testing. We accept most private insurances and offer unsurpassed child care at affordable prices. Dr. Josefina is available for morning, early evening, and Saturday appointments. Not to mention, our facility comes with a free parking space and wifi amenities.

Your search for the best vaccine-friendly pediatrician ends here. Call us at 201-525-0077 to book an appointment with Dr. Josefina Miranda, the #1 pediatrician in Hackensack, NJ. Dr. Josefina can monitor your child's development, educate you on efficient parenting techniques, and answer your questions relating to childcare. Children of Joy Pediatrics is Hackensack's pediatric clinic with advanced treatments, innovative equipment, and friendly staff.

Pediatrician Hackensack NJ
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Pediatrician Hackensack NJ
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Pediatrician Hackensack NJ