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A new mother has so many decisions to make, such as how they should eat, keep a healthy regimen, what color to paint the nursery, and so on. The most important of all these is the health of the baby and mother. Do not take chances listening to YouTube suggestions or advice by other mothers because the situation is different for everyone, and you could be needing completely different pediatric care to match your health and lifestyle.

A vaccine-friendly pediatrician is a family doctor who caters to the health of your child. We offer pediatric services to maintain the baby's overall wellness, keep up with a great skincare regimen, and make sure you have all the prenatal care you need for a healthy birth and child.

Full suite of all services offered in our pediatric clinic

Overall wellness

Newborn healthcare providers say that a baby's lifelong health is formed in the womb and their first years. You cannot afford to skip pediatric care because it includes health analysis to evaluate the state of your pregnancy and how the child is growing.

Our wellness program includes annual exams to check whether the baby has the right weight, height, and overall body appearance for their age, and their mind and emotions are also developing at a healthy rate. Our naturopathic pediatrician will provide you with nutritional information to support the proper growth process and ensure they are not missing an element that will derail their mental, emotional or physical growth.

Another critical aspect of the child's overall wellness is immunizations. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a schedule of all immunizations, so your baby can adhere to all proper vaccines at the right time.

Prenatal care

Prenatal care combines treatments you get during and a while after giving birth. We screen, diagnose, and educate you on different fetal issues, so you know what to expect and can reach out to us if you feel anything that is out of the ordinary.

Holistic pediatric care is critical because it eases a lot of the discomfort during pregnancy and ensures you are constantly thriving to have a healthy baby. Here are some specific benefits of Hackensack prenatal care:

  • You will learn about your pregnancy and develop a plan to discuss the better health procedures
  • The best prenatal care has reduced complications and defects because you follow a deep screening process to identify abnormalities before they turn into serious diseases.
  • The visits will include screening to keep track of the baby's development and indicate how the baby is growing and whether you will have a different birth process.


A baby's skin goes through many structural and aesthetic changes because it adjusts to its new space and functionality outside of the womb. Studies show that the skin does not reach its full potential until adolescence, so it is best to keep up a stringent skincare regimen, especially for the first couple of years after birth.

Our pediatrician has a sophisticated but straightforward skincare treatment plan, and we do our best to give you and your baby the best healthcare. Contact us online or call 201-525-0077 to book an appointment with a pediatrician.

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