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Finding the right child pediatrician is important. A good doctor will help your little one with nasty colds, vaccinations, and everything else. It's best to begin your search for a pediatrician when you're 28 to 34 weeks into your pregnancy. That way, you'll have found a doctor you trust by the time your baby is born.

At Children of Joy Pediatrics, our naturopathic pediatricians offer superior quality, personalized care in a family-friendly and comfortable setting. Our entire team of expert vaccine-friendly pediatricians is committed to delivering best-in-class and lasting care to your child.

Doctors Guide on How to Find a Pediatrician Who is Best for You

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search for a top pediatrician

Consider Which Type of Pediatrician You Want

When looking for a doctor, consider whether you want a traditional pediatrician or one who offers holistic pediatric care. Holistic doctors focus on your child's body, spirit, and mind and not just on the body like traditional pediatricians. They believe all three are interconnected, and together, they contribute to the overall health of your little one. As such, a holistic pediatrician also monitors your kid's emotional and mental wellness in addition to sick visits and growth and wellness checkups.

Get Recommendations

Ask close family and friends for recommendations. Chances are they'll give you invaluable information based on their experiences. Once you have a list of pediatricians, it's essential to conduct research. An excellent place to start is to book appointment with pediatrician. During your in-office visit, you'll get a feel for the pediatrician and their staff. If you love the personality of a particular doctor and are comfortable with them, they could be a perfect fit for you and your baby.

Verify Training and Credentials

The credentials and training of the pediatrician you're considering matter a lot. A pediatrician specializes in caring for newborns, babies, kids, and adolescents up to the age of 18. Once they've successfully completed medical school, they receive pediatrics training, go for a residency program before getting their state licensing.

Ensure your pediatrician of choice is licensed and extensively trained. Also, choose an experienced and board-certified pediatrician. Board certification shows that the doctor is professional, competent in child care, has medical skills, and possesses excellent communication skills.

Availability of the Pediatrician

It's crucial to be able to reach your pediatrician easily. Unfortunately, infants can fall ill at any time. Therefore, check if the pediatrician you've picked offers after-hours care. Ensure they have an on-call doctor that you can call at any time of day or night.

Pay Attention to How the Specialist Interacts with Your Baby

The initial consultation is a great first step to finding the ideal doctor. However, it's advisable to be keen on how the pediatrician interacts with your child. If they're passionate about kids and managing their health, they can be a great fit.

Top-Rated Pediatricians

At Children of Joy Pediatrics, our child pediatricians strive to promote wellness by providing second to none care and focusing on the healthy growth and development of your little one. Our top priority is your child's health, and all our expert pediatricians are extensively trained in kids' health care. Contact to schedule first appointment: 201-525-0077.

Child Pediatrician
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Child Pediatrician
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Child Pediatrician