The Allergy Clinic Portland

The Allergy Clinic Portland

Steps to Choosing the Best Allergy Clinic in Portland:

Step One: Determine whether your prospective clinics are specially trained in allergy diagnosis and treatment. With so many clinics opening up that treat general conditions, chances are, most clinics you’ll find in your community simply cannot offer specialized service when it comes to allergies. At The Allergy Immunology Clinic, their staff is composed of Allergists and Asthma specialists, offering expert diagnosis to help you better identify what’s going on with your body. If you’re currently dealing with an undiagnosed condition, it's crucial that you visit a clinic that can provide complete diagnostic and treatment options. Call The Allergy Immunology Clinic at 503-245-8060 to schedule an appointment or request to speak with an Allergist.

Step Two: Once you find a clinic or two in your community that offer the services you’re looking for, spend an appropriate amount of time researching each facility. Local word of mouth and online reviews can be terrific resources for getting a closer look at how each faculty is meeting the needs of their patients. Local directories, such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and others, can offer unbiased reviews on your prospective clinics, so take advantage of them as free resources in your search for the right Allergy Clinic in Portland. Read through some of the lengthier testimonials where you may find patients willing to talk about the results they have achieved through treatment. Feel free to check out the Allergy Immunology Clinic on one or more local directories. If you like what you read, give the clinic a call.

Step Three: Make an appointment at your first choice clinic and meet the staff. Bring along your list of questions and take notes during your initial visit. If your condition is undiagnosed, the staff will most likely recommend testing to pinpoint what is causing your reaction or other condition. The Allergy Immunology Clinic offers skin testing and intra-dermal testing. For skin testing, the skin is pricked with a suspect substance or a variety of possible allergens. If the skin around one of the pricked areas becomes red and bumpy, it usually means you’re allergic to the substance. Intra-dermal testing is done through injections under the skin and is slightly better at indicating whether you’re allergic to a substance. You can find out more about each type of test by visiting the website.

Call the best allergy clinic in Portland at 503-245-8060 to set up your appointment. The Allergy Immunology Clinic offers a range of services that include Nebulizer treatments, breathing tests, diagnosis and testing for food allergies, desensitization, Metal Allergy evaluations, and treatment for a range of other conditions.

Feel free to fill out new patient forms online to save time when you visit the clinic. You’ll also find your Patient Questionnaire, privacy forms, release forms, and Spanish forms by simply clicking on the ‘Forms’ link at the top of the home page. Get relief from your allergy at the most trusted Allergy Clinic in Portland.

The Allergy Clinic Portland

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The Allergy Clinic Portland The Allergy Clinic Portland