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Traditional pediatrics vs. holistic pediatrics. What's the difference?

You've got decisions to make when you have children, including the type of pediatrician you want to visit. While traditional pediatricians are familiar, holistic pediatricians are becoming more and more popular with parents who want to ensure their children don't just get well when they're sick but also stay healthy throughout their lives. This article compares traditional and holistic pediatricians so you can determine which might be the best fit for your family.

What is Holistic Pediatrics?

A holistic pediatrician uses Western medicine and holistic ideas to give the child a healthy, whole-person approach to health. Children's bodies, minds, and spirits must all be considered. Holistic pediatrics aims to maintain a healthy child's body, mind, and spirit through preventative care.

It is about relieving symptoms in holistic pediatrics and discovering the root causes of conditions. As a result, a holistic pediatrician will take the time to educate you about the factors affecting your child's health during your child's health appointments.

How does Holistic Pediatrics differ from Western Pediatrics?

Traditional pediatricians care for children using conventional practices such as vaccines and antibiotics. In contrast, holistic pediatricians use alternative medicines that aim to treat underlying causes rather than symptoms of illness.

Children and families visit holistic pediatrics as part of a whole health approach that considers the child's lifestyle, emotional well-being, and physical health to achieve optimal health and well-being.

An Integrated Health Approach for Children

Integrative pediatrics takes a whole-child approach to health, including the child's physical well-being and mind and spirit. Pediatricians specializing in holistic care monitor your child's medical condition and mental and emotional health.

Investigating Root Causes, Not Just Symptoms

Holistic pediatrics does not focus on treating symptoms but identifies and treats the underlying cause of health issues. Alternative therapies may improve the child's physical and emotional health, prevent symptoms, and improve the child's ability to adjust through dietary or lifestyle changes.

Holistic Pediatric Treatments

A holistic pediatrician aims to enhance the body's natural healing process by addressing the deficiencies children are experiencing. Typical treatment plans may include:

  • Diet: Healthy nutrition keeps your child's system functioning well
  • Herbs: Herbs can balance your child's various systems. Chamomile can calm your child's nerves, while Echinacea fights colds by increasing the immune system.
  • Detoxification:The detoxification process helps rid your child's body of the dangerous toxins exposed to because of environmental factors.
  • Acupuncture:Acupuncture reduces the perception of pain in children experiencing chronic pain. Even children as young as five can benefit from acupuncture, while they may consider acupressure for squeamish children.

As a part of a holistic approach, your pediatrician might use the following therapies: Botanical medicine, Homeopathic medicine, Aromatherapy Biofeedback, Massage therapy, and chiropractic care.

Even if traditional pediatrics meets your child's immediate needs during their childhood, a holistic approach can provide long-term benefits to their health. Holistic approaches are beneficial for children with chronic medical conditions.

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