Veterinarian Waxahachie

Veterinarian Waxahachie

As a new pet owner, you may be feeling excited about providing a safe and comfortable home for your new pet; however, providing basic vet care is something that is easily overlooked by pet owners/pet parents. In your enthusiasm to make your pet feel loved in your home, make sure you include a visit to the vet as an important way to show how much you love and care for your domestic or exotic pet. Animal Hospital of Ovilla is the ideal place to schedule shots, wellness visits, diagnostic exams, grooming sessions, and care during urgent and emergency situations.

5 Ways Our Vets Keep Pets Healthy and Happy at A.H. of Ovilla

1. We know that pets can become anxious or fearful about visiting the vet, especially after receiving an initial vaccination. We do our very best to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for pets so that visits to a veterinarian in Waxahachie is a positive experience. Whether it's your first time visiting our pet clinic or you're new to the community and comparing vet services, you can feel confident that your pet will be treated like part of the family when every time you need the services of a Veterinarian in Waxahachie.

2. Scheduled wellness visits are an excellent way for our staff to look for early signs of illness or medical conditions. Consider your pet's annual wellness check like the ounce of prevention that prevents the pound of cure. Skipping annual visits can often lead to costly treatments that could have been avoided had you stuck to your vet's healthcare plan for your pet.

3. At Animal Hospital of Ovilla, we've made a huge investment in the health of local pets by designing and building an on-site grooming center in our pet clinic. The benefit of choosing a veterinarian in Waxahachie with a grooming station on-location is that our pet experts can check for health issues that may get overlooked when you groom your pet at home or take your pet to an amateur groomer. Early intervention of skin conditions and disease are beneficial to your pet's health.

4. We offer your pet the unique advantage of having access to therapies other pet clinics can't provide, such as cold laser therapy and acupuncture. If your pet is dealing with chronic or acute pain, arthritis, or another condition involving inflammation, alternative treatments can be a safe and effective addition to the care you're proving at home.

5. There may come a time in the life of your pet when they need urgent or emergency care, including surgery. You can have peace of mind that our pet clinic is home to the best veterinarian in Waxahachie; our entire staff is committed to providing exceptional care to pets, big and small.

Veterinarian Waxahachie
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Veterinarian Waxahachie
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