Drug Rehab Orange County

Drug Rehab Orange County

Sober Partners offers everything you need to get sober and become a better version of yourself. We are a top-rated drug rehab in Orange County with affordable treatments, accredited staff, and personalized recovery plans.

Does insurance cover MAT treatment?

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires group health insurance plans to provide the same benefits for addiction disorders as it may be the case for medical or surgical care. Most insurance plans cover a portion of MAT treatment, if not entirely. More importantly, Medicaid FFS programs cover methadone maintenance treatment in several states.

Call your insurance provider to verify the substance abuse treatment benefits covered under your plan. Our drug rehab in Orange County is an in-network treatment facility compatible with most insurance plans.

Benefits of medication-assisted treatment

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT refers to the use of medications alongside counseling and behavioral therapies. MAT treatments take a whole-patient approach in treating substance use disorders. As the top Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers, we create personalized MAT programs and use FDA-approved medications to help our clients embrace sobriety. Here are some of the benefits of medication-assisted treatment:

  • Researches show that using a combination of medication and therapy has a high success rate in treating substance abuse disorders. It also helps sustain recovery in a large majority of recovering addicts.
  • MAT is highly effective in preventing or reducing the risks of opioid overdose. It is one of the clinically proven treatments for opioid addiction as it helps rebalance the brain's chemistry and relieves physiological cravings.
  • MAT treatments can normalize body functions. It also helps block the euphoric effects produced by drugs and alcohol.
  • It improves patient survival and retention in rehab treatment.
  • MAT treatments increase the patient's ability to gain and maintain employment

MAT treatments help individuals attain a comprehensive recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It also empowers our recovering addicts to live self-directed lives and control their urges over the years.

The medication-assisted treatment program at our drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA

We are one of the leading treatment centers in Newport Beach for MAT programs. Our clinicians use medication-assisted treatment programs predominantly to help individuals recover from opioid addiction. MAT treatment returns the brain's chemistry to the pre-addiction state by blocking the euphoric effects of alcohol and opioids.

We also use MAT to relieve the physiological cravings and help patients achieve a safe, speedy, and pain-free recovery. It is highly effective in normalizing body functions in the early stages of recovery, preparing patients for long-term treatment. Our MAT programs also ensure high patient retention rates, making us one of the most successful detox facilities in Newport Beach.

Call 844-262-8701 to verify your insurance with the best drug rehab in Orange County. Sober Partners is a highly sought-after treatment center for recovery from dual diagnosis disorders. We help individuals battling alcohol and drug addiction disorder break free from their destructive behavioral patterns using a combination of evidence-based therapies, medical detox, and group meetings. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our treatment approach.

Drug Rehab Orange County
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Drug Rehab Orange County
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Drug Rehab Orange County