Allergy Clinic Portland

Allergy Clinic Portland

Top Reasons to Choose Allergy Immunology Clinic in Portland:

- An accurate diagnosis of your condition is key in getting the right treatment. If you’ve been dealing with an allergy for some time but have never gotten an accurate diagnosis from an Allergist, it’s crucial that you visit a specialist who can provide testing to find out where your allergies are stemming from. Many patients spend years guessing what their allergen is, and suffer in the meantime with bouts of hives, swelling, breathing problems and a host of other issues. Call The Allergy Immunology Clinic to schedule your appointment to find out what you’re allergic to once and for all. Testing can lead to proper treatment so you can take control of your allergy.

- The staff at The Immunology Clinic is committed to helping patients develop the skills necessary to control your problem effectively. Whether you’re dealing with asthma, allergies, hypersensitivity to drugs, or an environmental factor, immune deficiency, frequent infections, or inflammatory diseases, you can receive complete testing and injection therapy to help deal with the problem so you can go on to live your life more in control of your situation. It starts with a phone call to The Allergy Clinic in Portland at 503-245-8060.

- The Allergy Clinic in Portland not only treats a wide range of conditions, they provide state-of-the-art diagnosis, including skin tests, a popular method of helping Allergists figure out what may be causing your allergies. The most common type of skin test is known collectively as the ‘skin prick’ test; The Allergy Clinic also provides intra-dermal testing. Testing is typically done on the patient’s arm, and while not particularly painful, some children may find it to be upsetting. If you or your child is allergic to any of the substances in the skin test, small itchy red bumps will appear within 15 minutes or so, and will go away within the hour. Once you understand what you’re allergic to, treatment can prove to be much simpler.

- If your doctor recommended that you have a Pulmonary Function Test, the Allergy Clinic in Portland can provide that service for you. Also known as a breathing test, a Pulmonary Function Test can measure how well your lungs are working. At the clinic, you’ll simply breathe as deeply as you can using a tube that is connected to the Spirometer, and then breathe out as hard and as fast as you can. The Spirometer can find the cause of symptoms, such as long-term cough, noisy breathing, or trouble breathing and can prove to be a valuable tool in determining whether a lung condition is mild or severe.

Schedule your appointment at the Allergy Clinic in Portland by calling 503-245-8060 or fill out a contact form over the website to get connected with an allergist who can help you take control of your allergy. Learn more about the Clinic’s doctors on the website or fill out form online rather than having to fill them out when you come in.

Allergy Clinic Portland

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Allergy Clinic Portland Allergy Clinic Portland