Addiction Recovery Denver

Addiction Recovery Denver

Searching for the ideal addiction recovery in Denver? Valiant Living Detox and Assessment is your answer! Our accredited facility, just 35 minutes from Denver International Airport, offers a comprehensive set of services to men and women 18 years and older. We provide medically monitored detoxification, assessment services, as well as short-term residential treatment - all designed with one goal: helping our patients take the first steps toward lasting sobriety.

Recovering in Denver

Denver, Colorado is a burgeoning recovery community with outstanding amenities and breathtaking natural beauty. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains lies Valiant Living Detox and Assessment—the perfect place to recover from addiction while being surrounded by individuals who will uplift you and foster your new stability. Here, you can find security and freedom as if it were meant for only you. Together, our incredible community is continuing to make strides toward a healthy and lasting recovery. Our addiction recovery Denver can make all the difference to get you back on your feet.

Valiant Living Detox and Assessment Addiction Recovery Denver

At Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, we understand that your health is sacred. That's why we go above and beyond to make sure that every detail of your care is attended to. Our caring team of medical professionals puts your well-being first, listening intently to your concerns and questions as they create a personalized treatment plan that meets all of your needs. Your success is our goal, so you can rest easy knowing that you're in the most capable hands when you place yourself in ours.

Our Comprehensive Services:

  • Medically Monitored Detox

Medically monitored detox is an important process for those dealing with substance use disorder. It is supervised by a medical team that is specially trained to care for individuals in the acute withdrawal period of addiction. The aim of medically monitored detox is to remove all foreign substances from the body while keeping the patient safe and as comfortable as possible.

This type of detox uses both medications and natural therapies to help alleviate symptoms like vomiting, flu-like aches, pains, headaches, depression, anxiety, shakes, irritability, restlessness, and cravings. In addition to this physical support, patients who enter medically monitored detox often receive psychological counseling on coping with stress and triggers as well as guidance about what routes to take next in their recovery journey.

  • Assessments & Professional Evaluations

Assessments and professional evaluations in addiction recovery are extremely important aspects of the recovery process. Assessments help to determine an individual's current substance use, as well as identify behaviors, attitudes, and patterns that may be contributing to the addiction.

Evaluations then provide a tailored treatment plan according to the individual's specific needs. Professionals who assist with these processes draw on evidence-based methods and have experience working in the field of addiction recovery. As a result, individuals feel like their best interests are being respected and can begin to understand what type of assistance they need in order to recover from addiction.

  • Secondary Intervention

Secondary intervention in addiction recovery is an essential step in the path to sobriety for many people. Secondary intervention targets individuals who have not yet been diagnosed as having a substance use disorder, but who regularly engage in behaviors related to substance abuse and may be at risk. It is designed to provide early information regarding risks, prevention of substance abuse, and available treatment options so that those engaging in these behaviors can take steps toward making healthy choices.

Through secondary intervention, addicted individuals can receive the help they need before they reach the point of crisis and begin the journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

  • Short-term Residential Treatment

Short-term residential treatment for addiction recovery provides a safe, healthy and structured environment for individuals struggling with addiction to begin the journey toward sobriety. During this time, clients have 24/7 access to trained medical professionals who can assist them in finding the root cause of their addiction and coping with the rocky road ahead which is sobriety.

In addition to providing support and care, the short-term residential treatment also offers numerous therapies such as group therapy which encourages peer-to-peer learning, recreational activities like art or music therapy which all aid in creative expression and exploring feelings and behaviors, and individualized mindfulness practices which promote self-awareness.

  • Treatment Program Referral

Treatment program referrals are an important part of addiction recovery. This type of referral helps addicts to access essential services that are necessary for their successful rehabilitation. A referral begins with a conversation between the addict and their doctor, who will assess their needs and level of addiction in order to make the best recommendation for a treatment program. Referrals act as a bridge between the addicted individual and a specialized program that can help guide them on the path to recovery.

These programs utilize evidence-based therapies to provide education and accountability, helping individuals overcome their addictions and move forward into productive lives. Treatment program referrals offer an invaluable service by connecting addicts with tailored programs that can make all the difference in achieving sobriety.

In moments of despair, it can feel like life will never get better- but that doesn't have to be the case. There are plenty of options available and we're here to help you decide what's best for you in a safe, respectful manner. Medically supervised detox is often the most successful route towards recovery - and we offer first-class support, comprehensive care, and qualified professionals throughout this process. Call our addiction recovery Denver today at 720-796-6885 or fill out our contact form and let your journey to recovery begin.

Addiction Recovery Denver
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Addiction Recovery Denver
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Addiction Recovery Denver Addiction Recovery Denver